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Adventure and wellness for a strong year ahead

Connect with nature and yourSelf to finish this year strong. Let yoga, wellness & nature be your path of healing to a powerful soul-driven coming year.

Join my retreat at Jungle Bay Dominica

23-30 December 2023

Do yoga today for a better tomorrow

Body & mind balance

Adventure and nature

Healthy food

Yoga & meditation

Why you should join this retreat in Jungle Bay, Dominica

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice with healing power. Tap into your inner pathfinder with daily scheduled activities that allow you to see every angle of yourself and the beautiful island of Dominica. Yoga is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax & enjoy a transforming week full of new experiences, healthy food, adventure and fun.

This week might be your path of healing and wellness to a powerful soul-driven life.

You are looking forward to a Christmas week without stress but instead adventure and time for yourself

You want to create awareness and connect with your body and mind

You feel you deserve a vacation

You want to learn to increase your vibration to manifest

You want to create a self-care practice

You crave connection to like minded people

Escape into a new you

About Jungle Bay

Join us in the wellness adventure retreat, from 23 - 30 December 2023

Staying in Jungle Bay villas nestled in a Garden of Eden, experience adventure and rejuvenation like none other. Hike the Boiling Lake trail, snorkel Champagne reef, soak in mineral springs, immerse your senses during the herbal tea tasting, explore hidden waterfalls, indulge in daily aromatherapy massages, experience Caribbean cooking classes, and unwind with sunset yoga. Book your Adventure Wellness getaway in Dominica now

This is for you if you:

are ready for vacation

know you need relaxation

want to release emotional baggage from this year

need help to create a regular meditation practice

want to reconnect with body, mind and nature

finding clarity on your path

connecting with a like-minded community

finishing this year without the Christmas stress

want to treat yourself


We have planned a beautiful package for you:

Group pick-up and drop-off from/to the airport/port

7 nights accomodation,

Full Breakfast, lunch & dinner with all non-alcoholic drinks, such as fresh juices, water

One (1) 30-minute Spa Treatment per person per stay, on-site activities such as herbal presentations, nature hikes, Caribbean cooking class

Three (3) Off-Site Adventure Excursions per person per stay (Middleham Falls hike, the visit of Titou Gorge the Hot Springs, Snorkeling at Champagne Beach (subject to change according to weather)

Two yoga classes per day with Petra, including props (mats, blocks, blankets & straps)

A special Sankalpa session, setting an intention and manifesting for the coming year Government VAT (10-15%)

packages starts at 2615 $US

EB by booking before Oct 10th 2023

Excluded: your travel expenses to the island of dominica, insurances

Total amount due by end of November 2023, Jungle Bay will contact you

Your coach

Hi am am Petra

living my best life in the French Caribbean, traveling to teach retreats and fulfilling my life's purpose

Petra Rakebrandt

Holistic Life & Meditation Coach, more than 1000 hr Trained Yoga Teacher

Author of YIN IS THE NEW BLACK-how to get rid of imbalances in your life

I’m a holistic healer, health and meditation coach, specialized on inner child healing to help entrepreneurs creating a thriving soul-driven business by supporting you on creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health which will increase your overall health and wealth.

When I think back to how I felt in the corporate world in my birth country of Germany, and my life as an engineer and manager, I remember how cold I felt.

It was as if I’d become frozen; too scared to be who I really wanted to be.

But ever since the day I left everything behind and bought a one-way ticket to the Caribbean, I have felt warm in every cell of my body. This warmth has given me the opportunity to heal many of my old wounds and from that place of healing and love flows a beautiful new energy and healing power that I now channel into my work around the world.

I’m qualified and experienced in a diverse range of practical skills including fitness, yoga and pilates, business and life coaching, health and nutrition (certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition). These are enriched by my passion for holistic therapies and include certification in Reiki (master), ThetaHealing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Polarity Therapy, Pain Management, Erickson Hypnosis, Psychology, and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

My unique set of skills and natural, intuitive gifts ensure that when working together you feel safe, supported, motivated and inspired at all times on your journey to mind, body and soul healing and transformation.

It would be amazing meeting you in my 17th Yoga Retreat in Jungle Bay.

Create emotional freedom to live a healthy and wealthy life

Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Healing, Adventure, Healthy Food

Relax and Renew

Yin Yoga helped me in a time, where I felt lost and stuck in a managing director job and a marriage that did not make me happy. Understanding what was aligned with me, what my hearts desire is and what mission I have in this life, was important to live a happy and healthy life.

If you sense you are in a time in your life where you deeply feel that you are not in the right space, where you feel you are ready to dig deep and heal the wounds that you know they are there, then this course is for you.

If you are just about to start your new business, going full in or as a side hustle and you would like to gain more clarity and confidence to start and jump fully in, this can help you to overcome blocks and feeling of stuckness. WHen energy is stuck in our body and mind, we have difficulties to move forward, to set goals or even setting intentions.

If you are new to yoga, new to chakra work, new to emotional healing, or if you have already done some work, you will receive what you need in these 6 weeks. I am more than happy to support you on your path. This helped me so much to create transformation and change in my life, I know you will benefit from this work too.

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